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Upcoming Meetings

September 29
6:00 pm
Executive Board Meeting

October 4
6:00 pm
-- Legislative Committee Meeting
7:00 pm--Women’s Committee Meeting

October 6
7:30 pm
Regular Membership Meeting

October 12
11:00 am
-- Retired Members Meeting & Luncheon

October 18
6:00 pm
-- Education Committee Meeting
6:30 pm--Next Generation Committee Meeting
7:00 pm--Mobilization Committee Meeting
7:00 pm--Organizing Committee Meeting
7:30 pm--Health and Safety Committee Meeting

Union Meeting
October 6, 2016
7:30 pm
Job Vacancy Selections
  • Please submit only ONE proposal per form and remember to write legibly.

  • Forms must be filled out completely to be considered.  For member
    verification purposes, your name must be printed clearly on the form.

  • It is important that proposals submitted are the issues you are willing to
    strike for.  Proposals not submitted to the Bargaining Committee will not be
    addressed during negotiations.

  • All forms must be returned to the Hall by Thursday, October 13th.  
    Forms can be delivered in person, by email (, by FAX
    (713-853-4913),  by regular mail and/or by handing them to your Union
Here are the AT&T Bargaining Survey and the Bargaining Proposal forms.
This is your way to submit specific proposed changes for consideration by
the CWA Bargaining Committee.  

Print and fill out the forms and return to the Hall as soon as possible.  

Let the Bargaining Committee know what issues are important to you!
Click on images for printable PDF version.